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step by step


GENESIS      44      AND 45          IN FOCUS

44:  34 How can I go back to my father if the boy is not with me? No! Do not let me see the misery that would come on my father.”… 45: 28  And Israel said, “I’m convinced! My son Joseph is still alive. I will go and see him before I die.”


What do you think maturity is?

What is self control?

How do you see life?

What is wisdom?

Wisdom, the book of proverbs says is the principal thing. Proverbs 4:7 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. Wisdom understands, wisdom have patience, wisdom knows when to do what. Wisdom solves the problem of depression. Wisdom can bring wealth and peace. Wisdom can do wonderful things. Wisdom can provide a great panacea to an aged  problem. Find wisdom. Read the word of God. Get wisdom, live and you shall  leave distinctive footprints that shall qualify you to heaven. Wisdom! Wisdom! Wisdom!

But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him. But he must ask in faith without any doubting, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind.…James 1

Joseph knew exactly what he was doing.  ‘ Now Joseph gave these instructions to the steward of his house: “Fill the men’s sacks with as much food as they can carry, and put each man’s silver in the mouth of his sack. Then put my cup, the silver one, in the mouth of the youngest one’s sack, along with the silver for his grain.” And he did as Joseph said.

Joseph could have just tell them he was their brother but, he took his time to break the news. He took his time to let his brothers know who he was. They would have never return after purchasing the first food but Joseph applied wisdom which brought them back!

43: 3 But Judah said to him, “The man warned us solemnly, ‘You will not see my face again unless your brother is with you.’ If you will send our brother along with us, we will go down and buy food for you. But if you will not send him, we will not go down, because the man said to us, ‘You will not see my face again unless your brother is with you.’”

Joseph took time to break the news of who he was to his brothers. When it became difficult to hold on, he left the seen.

43: 30 Deeply moved at the sight of his brother, Joseph hurried out and looked for a place to weep. He went into his private room and wept there.31 After he had washed his face, he came out and, controlling himself, said, “Serve the food.”

Joseph’s brothers could have gone never to come back again because of guilt and the thought that Joseph could take a revenge but with wisdom, Joseph was able to have all his brothers with him including his father Jacob ( Israel). He took his time to get a security for what he was doing

44: 30 “So now, if the boy is not with us when I go back to your servant my father, and if my father, whose life is closely bound up with the boy’s life, 31 sees that the boy isn’t there, he will die. Your servants will bring the gray head of our father down to the grave in sorrow. 32 Your servant guaranteed the boy’s safety to my father. I said, ‘If I do not bring him back to you, I will bear the blame before you, my father, all my life!’  33 “Now then, please let your servant remain here as my lord’s slave in place of the boy, and let the boy return with his brothers. 34 How can I go back to my father if the boy is not with me? No! Do not let me see the misery that would come on my father.”

45 Then Joseph could no longer control himself before all his attendants, and he cried out, “Have everyone leave my presence!” So there was no one with Joseph when he made himself known to his brothers. And he wept so loudly that the Egyptians heard him, and Pharaoh’s household heard about it. Joseph said to his brothers, “I am Joseph! Is my father still living?” But his brothers were not able to answer him, because they were terrified at his presence.

An old truism has it that you can see the liver of an ant if you apply patience in dissecting it.

Life is a system that works systematically. We face so many problems in life today because we wish to jump steps! We wish to fulfill our inner desires at a twinkle of the eye! Life demands patience. Life demands wisdom!

God could have created the whole universe in just a day but,  He took the whole process step by step.

He created the heavens and earth. He made room for a space which will allow free movement of man and animals before creating them.  He introduced light before creating birds and animals so that they may have a good visibility during movement.

Take life step by step. Take that business step by step . Interact with people in a systematic way. Patience is good, find patience. Self control is awesome, control yourself. Apostle Paul wrote ‘ I have the right to do anything,” you say–but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”–but not everything is constructive’ 1 Corinthians 10: 23

if there are two great things to seek in life, in addition to other things, seek wisdom and patience! Will you ever see any noble person freeing his or her bowel in the open space whilst everyone watch him or her? Control your heart! Control your body!

We may have so many reasons to do or not to do what we have to do or what we do not have to do but, we must reason from the reasons before we act


Take life step by step; know when to do it and when not to do it!



My soul with patience waits

by Tate and Brady, 1698

My soul with patience waits
for thee, the living Lord:
my hopes are on thy promise built,
thy never-failing word.

My longing eyes look out
for thy enlivening ray,
more duly than the morning watch
to spy the dawning day.

Let Israel trust in God;
no bounds his mercy knows;
the plenteous source and spring from whence
eternal succor flows.




'Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.' --- Joshua 1: 8 The Holy Bible is not only a proven book which reckon the past, present and the future but also an awesome manual for life. Clinging closer to the Bible, taking lessons out of it under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and letting it be our best companion will empower us for both joyous and melancholic moments of life. E. A. Y. Devotions takes a journey into the Holy Bible for the unique and renowned lessons for the great empowerment of our lives.

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